Safe and comfortable

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What are some other factors in choosing a chemical suit?

Safe and comfortable

Besides providing a barrier against nasty gases, chemicals, dirt, grease and grime, the key to a chemical suit is its breathability and comfort are important, especially when trying to prevent heat stress. It goes without saying that a worker not suffering from heat prostration is a more productive worker. With today's advances in materials and designs, there's no need to sacrifice comfort for safety. For tasks involving non-hazardous substances where keeping clean is most important, lightweight, breathable and durable fabrics will serve the purpose. When working with non-hazardous particulate substances, you need to make sure the fabric has what it takes to keep dirt, sand, and grime out while allowing moisture, vapor and air to pass through for added comfort. In these situations, spunbond/meltblown/spunbond laminates have proven to provide an excellent balance of comfort and protection.



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