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What is photo realistic signage?

Photo Realistic Signage: The Updated Industrial Safety Products

Part of maintaining a safe work environment with industrial safety products includes displaying proper signage to keep occupants informed of the hazards that may exist. Signage is most effective when it is highly visible and sends a clear visual message at a glance. These industrial safety products aren't merely available as brightly colored fixtures on walls anymore. Photo realistic signage is an industrial safety product that makes it clear to building occupants what hazards are in their immediate area. For instance, in areas where eye protection is necessary, you can select a bright colored caution sign with the image of protective eyewear to send a clear message to those in the area. In areas where flammability is an issue, photo realistic signage showing a caution sign with the image of flames leaves the viewer well aware of the possible dangers.

Where’s the best place to display my OSHA posters?

Nothing says compliance like a poster from OSHA

OK, you just got a fresh batch of those nice OSHA posters in. So where do you put them? You'll be happy to know the government made it easy for you to decide. The law requires you to display your posters at a location that all employees visit at least once per day such as a break room, lunch room, time clock or job site. You can also display your compliance posters on the back of a door. All-On-One™ posters are easy to post on a door or on a limited wall space. They provide good visibility and yet are out of the way of traffic.

Why an All-on-One Poster?

Staying legal in the lunchroom

Believe it or not, OSHA was thinking of your convenience when they developed the All-On-One™ poster. By placing all OSHA laws on a single sheet you won't have to post multiple pieces or worry about employees removing pieces and reading them without returning. With All-On-One™ OSHA safety posters you'll know that all requirements are posted at all times. They are clearly dated to provide easy tracking of last revision date and they are guaranteed to comply with the latest State, Federal and OSHA posting requirements.

What if I don’t want posters all over my workplace walls?

A plan falls into place?

Putting up health and workplace safety posters is not only a good way to promote a safer workplace, it could save you money. By law, your facility must post federal and state labor law posters. If you don't, your company could face serious fines! Missing postings can place your company at risk for fines from $100.00 to $7,000 for non-posting violations per incident. Having all the mandatory State, Federal and OSHA requirements on one poster is a great way to ensure that you are up-to-date with the law requirements.

Where can I display non-OSHA safety posters?

Compliance Plus Convenience

When deciding where to display your workplace safety posters, follow these simple common sense guidelines:

1) Place your posters in high traffic areas
2) Try to place your posters on a wall that faces the direction of travel.
3) Try to place them at eye level.
4) Try to coordinate safety topics at meetings that correspond to Posters currently on display.
5) Ensure maximum awareness by rotating your posters once a month. This will keep your message from becoming stale and ignored. If you leave a poster up too long, it becomes old news, which as we know becomes something in which nobody is really interested.

How can I keep my employees focused on safety?

Safety, safety everywhere

Keep your employees' minds on safety by plastering posters on the walls in key workplace areas. You can acquire posters from numerous sources covering every conceivable aspect of on the job safety. These colorful and informative reminders are an important component of any health and safety program. Besides satisfying OSHA requirements, health and safety posters can help reduce workplace injuries, lower workers' comp rates and improve attendance.

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