Work glove basics, off the cuff

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How do I know which work glove to use?

Work glove basics, off the cuff

Industrial work gloves come in different materials, patterns and sizes and cuff styles. Here are some suggestions on how to select the best glove for your needs. Cotton gloves are used for the everyday tasks and usually are the best for protecting the worker's hands from dirt. Hot Mill and some double palm cotton gloves can also protect from low level heat. Inspection Gloves are used for the protection of products from oils in the skin. Knitted gloves are generally more comfortable than canvas gloves and work well as all-purpose lightweight glove. For protection from rough objects, sparks, heat and for cushioning from blows in heavy duty work requirements Leather Gloves provide comfort, durability, dexterity, mild heat resistance and abrasion protection. These advantages make leather a traditional favorite for industrial workers.



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