Safe at home, baby!

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How can I make my home more secure?

Safe at home, baby!

Here's ten solid ways to make your home safer that incudes some of the home safety products you might want to have:1. Install a security system!
2. Light up your home with well-placed, effective lighting and make it easier to spot unwelcome visitors. In addition, trim hedges, foliage, and trees that create dark corners and hiding spots.
3. Never leave a spare key hidden outside (burglars know all the best places).
4. A house that appears lived-in deters burglars: keep the TV or radio on when you are out, and use timers to operate your lights in key areas of the house.
5. Install deadbolt locks on all exterior entrances and shatterproof glass on windows. Remember if you use double deadbolt locks, the location of the key must be know to all. These are high security locks but, can be dangerous if not used properly.
6. Secure upstairs windows and doors that are accessible from the outside. Put in bars, extra locks, more sensors.
7. Make sure your smoke detectors are working and up to code.
8. Install peepholes so you can screen your visitors before opening the door. Ask to see identification from service and delivery people before letting them in. Do not allow unknown people to come into your home to use your phone. If possible, take the phone out to them or refer them to the nearest pay phone.
9. Review your answering machine message. Make sure it doesn't imply that you're not home.
10. Report suspicious behavior. Police do not feel bothered by this. They encourage reporting as it often deters or uncovers crime.



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