Mechanix Sells More than Gloves

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What else does Mechanix make besides gloves?

Mechanix Sells More than Gloves

T.A.S.C.O. Tip: In the industrial safety supply industry, Mechanix is well known for its glove products. They offer a work glove for virtually every use utilizing a myriad of designs and material combinations. But, Mechanix Wear also produces a variety of other products available at the Texas American Safety Company website:

  • Kneepads: These can make a variety of jobs easier and safer. Some kneepads are made of neoprene with full-coverage wrapped construction, and injection-molded exterior knee plates while other styles feature lower-thigh protection panels and abrasion-free Kevlar panels.
  • Aprons: These offer more protection to work clothes, and pockets offer wide flaps with hook enclosures for the safekeeping of needed items and easy tool access.
  • Fiber heat sleeves: Also made of Kevlar, these are essential for working around hot engines and similar potentially dangerous jobs. Their extra long sleeve also protects the arm above the elbow.
  • Bags and backpacks: The Mechanix gear bag is a perfect carry-on while its backpack offers numerous pockets and a phone pouch.



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