The Evolution of Home-Safety Equipment

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What newer types of home safety products are on the market?

The Evolution of Home-Safety Equipment

T.A.S.C.O. Tip: The advent of new technologies and production methods for high-tech products has led to a virtual revolution of home safety equipment. Fear of natural disasters, flu epidemics and terrorist attacks is also driving the home safety product market. It's easy to see a plethora of these items online by searching terms like home safety, home safety products or home safety guidelines.

Self-charging flashlights, crank-powered radios, water purifiers are some examples of low-cost emergency supply items that can prove vital in a survival situation. There are also items geared toward children, including travel beds that protect sleeping youngsters from the cold, damp floors, UV sun rays, wind and insects. If you buy any child-safety product for home or travel, make sure it meets all U.S. Federal safety standards and those set forth by the American Society of Testing Materials.



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