Safety Goggle Features Vary

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What new features are available for safety goggles worn in the workplace?

Safety Goggle Features Vary

T.A.S.C.O. Tip: Goggles are one of the most comprehensive ways to protect the eye at work. Specially designed goggles can protect employees from heat, chemicals, flying debris, dangerous liquid splashes, sand and irradiation. It's critical that employers first assess all workplace exposures before buying safety goggles. For example, some have ventilation features that will only protect against large debris. Others, like those designed as welding protective equipment, are designed to fit over other types of safety glasses. Some protect against fog through direct ventilation, while others have indirect ventilation so they can reduce fog and protect against the influx of liquids.

Except for certain types of safety goggles, many now offered on the market are following the stylish trends found in many other workplace safety glasses. Huge, bulky products that slide down the face and have uncomfortable straps that are difficult to adjust are gone. They have been replaced by side protection designs that resemble traditional sunglasses with quick-fit retainers and foam padding. Even those products that are reminiscent of school shop class goggles are smaller, stay in place over prescription eyeglasses, offer superior ventilation features, and come with anti-fog coatings or in tinted finishes.

Remember, safety goggles are likely one of the most important pieces of individual protection equipment an employee will wear, so research carefully any federal laws that apply to the wearing of them in various work conditions. For those situations when wearing regular eyeglasses under goggles isn't possible, prescription safety goggles can be found online through a simple search. Also, consider investing in safety goggle cases for storage when not in use. Even though safety goggles are durable, they can scratch easily. Special cleaners are also available for safety goggles.



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