Help Employees Minimize Back Strain

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What else can help employees prevent back injury besides back support braces?

Help Employees Minimize Back Strain

T.A.S.C.O. Tip: If you are a workplace safety manager at a manufacturing plant or similar facility, preventing back strain is likely always on your mind. Although back injury treatment has improved dramatically, it is still a debilitating and costly workplace accident. While OSHA and ANSI might offer both regulations and standards you must follow regarding back braces and back support belts, offering additional back safety information to employees is something you can do that's over and above what the law requires.

For example, did you know the body only handles standing in the exact same place for about 20 minutes before strain sets in? Even though many industrial jobs require constant standing in one location, moving slightly can make a big difference, as can having a small step to place one foot on if possible. Employees can switch from their right foot to left foot.

Encourage employees not to be stoic. Taking two employees to lift an object is less expensive than having one on worker's compensation. Encourage employees to think before they lift. Many times, in a hurry, they simply forget the basics like lifting with the knees. Finally, encourage weight management, exercise and smoking cessation programs, since smoking can degenerate the vertebrae.



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