Use OSHA Guidelines When Buying Workplace Safety Vests

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What type of workplace safety vests are available?

Use OSHA Guidelines When Buying Workplace Safety Vests

T.A.S.C.O. Tip: OSHA identifies rules and regulations for all types of workplaces vests, including traffic vests, fire safety vests, and vests worn by police officers while re-routing traffic during an accident. These rules cover the color of the vests, reflective strips that can be used and which type of professionals need to wear them and when. Typical colors used for traffic vests include orange, bright yellow and lime green.

When ordering safety vests for the workplace, always check the most recent OSHA standard as these regulations change and are updated frequently. Typically, safety vests are made of both solid and mesh materials. ANSI, the American National Standards Institute, certifies vests and offers them in class 2 and class 3 styles, based on specific usage.

You may imprint some safety vests with a professional identification such as sheriff, police, fire and security. You can also have your company name and logo imprinted on a safety vest. Some additional safety-vest colors include navy, red or black, and these vests can then be fitted with reflective tape if needed. There are vests designed specifically for bad and cold weather. Now that many response professionals are concerned with guidelines for terrorist and emergency incidents, some safety vests are designed for the specific incident commander team.

While you are ordering safety vests, consider upgrading your hard hats as well. Many are now made in bright colors that add extra visibility in low-light situations. In addition, if you are placing a big order, you might get this additional safety product at a discounted rate.



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