Order Shoe Covers from Texas America Safety Company

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What types of shoe covers are made for the workplace?

Order Shoe Covers from Texas America Safety Company

T.A.S.C.O. Tip: While many employees wear shoe covers to protect a customer's carpet or flooring, one of the main reasons for shoe cover use is to prevent falls in the workplace. For example, surgical professionals might wear them to avoid slipping on shiny, slick hospital floors.

If you check online, you'll quickly find that there are hundreds and hundreds of shoe covers and related products. Where do you begin? Ask yourself these questions before you search for the appropriate shoe cover for your workplace application: Do I need them to be anti-skid or non-slip? Do I need them to fit boots as well as shoes? Do I need a variety of sizes for men and women? Do I need them to be waterproof? Do I need them to be disposable? What type of flooring do I have? Do any regulations apply? How many will my employees need in a given month? What is my budget?

Sometimes a simple paper product will suffice, while other workplaces will require shoe covers to be fire retardant. Be especially careful about sizes of protective shoe covers and resist buying one size for many applications. Those who wear shoe covers that are too large can easily slip and fall in the workplace.

Additional shoe cover materials include rubber, Polypropylene and Dupont Tyvek. Polypropylene shoe covers are quite popular and economical. However, they are for use in only dry environments. Tyvek shoe covers are made of a stronger material, are tear resistant and can withstand light splashes and moisture. For that reason, they are great for both medical and warehouse environments.

When you shop for shoe covers, you might also want to consider a proper dispenser for them for organizational purposes. You can find many types of shoe covers from the Texas America Safety Company (TASCO). Look for price breaks for ordering a large quantity of shoe covers.



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