When Shoe Covers Are Recommended

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When Are Shoe Covers Recommended?

When Shoe Covers Are Recommended

Shoe covers are recommended for a variety of work, sports, and medical situations. The type of safety shoe covers depends on the purpose and environment you are in. The key is to know what you need protection from and take the appropriate action to defend against the threat. Protective shoe covers are but one component in the personal protective equipment (PPE) universe.

If you work in a medical environment (hospital, laboratory, surgical facility, etc.), shoe covers are often required to protect you, your patients, your surroundings, and objects you may touch or that are in proximity. Using disposable or reusable (in some circumstances) shoe protection, medical personnel can protect themselves against spatters, liquid, and chemicals that may pose a danger. Also, using shoe or boot covers protects other people from receiving contaminants from you. Everyone wins.

Should you be involved in an industry that requires “clean” manufacturing conditions, as with computer chips and components, digital medical equipment, precise engineering instruments, etc., the danger becomes the contaminants you might transfer to sensitive objects. Clean rooms must remain as germ and contaminant free as surgical environments and safety shoe covers are an important component.

Industrial laboratories are often another environment that dictate the use of shoe covers. Often using potentially dangerous chemicals and other substances, protective shoe covers, sometimes waterproof, chemically resistant, dry particle protective, or toxic substance rejecters, are important. Made of appropriate materials that protect against the threats you face, they can safeguard against these hazards at low cost.

Certain sports activities are perfect for the use of shoe covers, particularly cycling. While your arms, back, and legs are stressed during high level cycling, nothing takes a worse pounding or abuse than your feet. Companies like Assos shoe covers offer a full line of covers and booties to protect your shoes from “road abuse” from rocks, mud, etc. and other hazards.



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