Standards for Safety Vests Used During the Day Versus Those Used at Night

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Are There Different Standards for Safety Vests Used During the Day Versus Those Used at Night?

Standards for Safety Vests Used During the Day Versus Those Used at Night

The standards for construction safety vests differ somewhat depending on whether they are to be used during daylight or nighttime hours. The prime criterion is that visibility during nighttime hours should equal that of traffic safety vests during the daytime. This goal is accomplished in one or more of the following ways.

  • Totally reflective safety vests – using highly reflective material on both the vest itself and all horizontal, vertical, or angular stripes sewn into the vest - the material is bright during the day and, in the evening, when headlights or work lights are on, all material becomes reflective.
  • Highly reflective stripes or designs on the vest – using this method, even white and silver can be added to the usual orange, yellow, and lime green as acceptable colors – the vest is made of high color material for daytime visibility but the stripes are made of mirror-like material that shines at night when exposed to a light source.
  • Lighted safety vests – infusing a light source in the vest that makes the stripes or entire vest glow when faced with a light at night, these safety vests are highly visible in the dark.
Regardless of the specific design, most traffic safety vests incorporate material and reflection that allows them to be used both in daylight and at night. As both a cost and flexibility consideration, having multi use construction safety vests allows the worker to eliminate concern that, in the winter when daylight is minimal or when finishing a project into the evening, they are no longer visible and need to change vests.



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