Safety Vests for Women

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Are There Safety Vests Made for Women?

Safety Vests for Women

Unlike many other items of personal protective equipment (PPE) and safety apparel, there are few choices of reflective safety vests designed expressly for women. Because of the nature of a traffic safety vest, a non-fitted item that simply fits over one's clothing, manufacturers believe there is little need to tailor ANSI safety vests to different genders.

Women still need not look foolish nor be uncomfortable while wearing a safety vest. They can be purchased in different sizes (S, M, L, etc.). Therefore, even if she is surrounded by a group of co-workers that could easily suit up for a professional football team and, at least, look the part, a female worker, wearing a small or medium sized safety vest can still be comfortable and effective.

With all the choices available, expandable for cold weather, mesh material for warm conditions, short sleeves or no sleeves, etc., a woman can wear the most effective reflective safety vests available and still look professional at her jobsite.



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