Basic Categories of Safety Vests

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What Are the Basic Categories of Safety Vests?

Basic Categories of Safety Vests

There are three basic classes of visibility safety vests depending on the environment in which they work.

  • Class 1 – used in low traffic areas by off road maintenance workers and parking lot attendants – these don't need American National Standards Institute (ANSI) approval.
  • Class 2 – designed for use where speeds are 25 mph or less, these ANSI safety vests are often used by crossing guards and traffic control officers.
  • Class 3 – also needing ANSI approval, these traffic safety vests are normally used by highway construction workers in environments where speeds regularly exceed 50 mph.
In addition to pure reflective safety vests, there are other safety vests for different purposes.

  • Lighted safety vest – both reflective for high visibility but also including a light source to increase visibility and assist job performance.
  • Water related safety – from providing high visibility during water activities to professional quality vests that may include life saving capabilities.
  • Rainwear – normal visibility drops during rain so using highway safety vests designed for high visibility in rainy conditions are available.
  • Construction safety vest – provides high visibility on larger construction sites, particularly when heavy machinery is employed.
  • Safety harness vest – varieties of this product are used in air and sea operations along with different types of construction operations.
Be sure that, if required, you wear ANSI and Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) safety vests since they have been tested in both laboratory and real world settings.



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