Advantages of Synthetic or Leather Industrial Work Gloves

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Are There Advantages to Using Synthetic Industrial Work Gloves Instead of Leather Models?

Advantages of Synthetic or Leather Industrial Work Gloves

There are advantages and disadvantages to both synthetic and leather industrial work gloves. There is no perfect material but both of these choices provide advantages to the wearer. Some of the benefits of synthetic safety gloves

  • Flexibility – make excellent disposable gloves for medical, laboratory, and chemical environments.
  • Strength – whether you choose Kevlar for cut resistance, Thinsulate for protection against wind and cold, or a combination of materials, synthetics provide strong protection.
  • Weight – most synthetic industrial work gloves are lighter than leather counterparts, which can be very beneficial over long work days.
Safety leather gloves also provide valuable advantages to the user, including

  • Durability – while not necessarily true with cheap work gloves, leather is a very durable and long lasting material.
  • Breathability – unlike most synthetic material, leather “breathes” giving the wearer much more comfort, while being substantially cooler in hot conditions.
  • Allows effective “combinations” – because of its malleability, leather is a perfect outer shell that can be securely attached to linings, such as electrical safety gloves with leather outer shells and natural rubber linings.
As you can see, the strengths of one material become the potential liabilities of the other, but both are good choices. Your personal preference for comfort and safety reasons will be the deciding factor since both designs are effective. Cost differentials are not a major consideration with the majority of choices of industrial safety gloves made with either material.



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