Cold Weather Work Gloves

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What Cold Weather Work Gloves Are Available?

Cold Weather Work Gloves

Long a favorite for cold weather work gloves, brown jersey work gloves are available from a number of sources. Made of 100% tightly woven cotton, usually in the 8 to 9 ounce weight range, they can be unlined or lined with a variety of material to increase their cold protection. You can choose open or knitted cuffs for comfort and cold reduction.

Another favorite of outdoor workers in cold climates are Mechanix cold weather gloves. Using a variety of materials, their classic cold weather glove has an outer shell of Taslan, which is strong and provides good wind protection, and 3M Thinsulate on the inside. This combination provides safety gloves that are lightweight with superior cold protection. These are not cheap work gloves, selling for around $30 per pair. But, unlike their lower priced relatives that may look warm, but are almost useless in wind and cold conditions, these cold weather work gloves will keep your working hands as toasty as possible.

If you are a woman, you should consider the thermal-lined, knit women's work gloves by Kinco. These have a rubber coating on the palm so you can still work properly and get a good grip on objects in cold weather. Kinco also offers heavily lined insulated cowhide leather work gloves that also provide excellent protection from the cold.

These are a few popular suggestions. There are others, like Ironclad Work Gloves, which are excellent. Keep looking to see the full menu of cold weather work gloves that are available. Some are designed primarily for maximum protection against wind and cold, while others provide excellent dexterity and light weight along with their cold weather comfort.



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