Better Personal Protective Clothing

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What Are Some Choices for Better Personal Protective Clothing?

Better Personal Protective Clothing

There are a few factors to evaluate when you consider personal protective equipment (PPE). After you have identified the potential hazards you might face, research available clothing and equipment and learn all you can about the different choices. There are some well- and lesser-known companies that offer excellent varieties of protective clothing, including

  • DuPont – a long time leader in consumer products, they make excellent protective clothing, much of it disposable using Tyvek, a synthetic material that resembles paper but is much stronger and protective.
  • Walls – offers coveralls, jackets, shirts, and pants in a variety of protective apparel levels.
  • NSA – if you need protection against cuts and sharp objects, Kevlar is often the best choice and NSA offers vests, jackets, aprons, and leggings that will protect you.
  • Lakeland Industries – a world wide manufacturer of protective safety clothing, including protective clothes that guard against chemical, fire, heat, and rain, while also offering high visibility and even Tyvek apparel.
  • John Tillman – along with more standard fire protective wear, this company also offers a line of aluminized suits, which protect you against very high heat and molten metal.
This is not nearly a complete list but these companies offer excellent products. Consider only protective gear that meets the minimum OSHA (Occupational Safety & Health Administration) standards along with those published by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), which specify the level of safety offered by different types of personal protective clothing.

Finally, don't forget that your comfort is also important. If you're required to wear protective apparel for long periods every day, you should be as comfortable as possible to effectively perform your job. Obviously, you should never use safety apparel of poor quality, but also don't shortchange yourself on comfort, either. Just because DuPont makes excellent protective coveralls, you might find those made by Walls or Lakeland more comfortable, while you still receive the same level of protection.



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