Disposable Protective Clothing

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How Effective Is Disposable Protective Clothing?

Disposable Protective Clothing

While disposable protective clothing may not be appropriate or effective in all hazardous situations, there are many environments wherein this safety wear is perfect. The most common uses include chemical and water-based splashes, small or microscopic matter, and simple dirt, grease, and dust protection. For both wearer safety and sterilization reasons, disposable protective clothing is often perfect for use in the medical profession.

We are all familiar with the disposable gloves used by doctors, dentists, nurses, emergency professionals, and physician's assistants. For one time use necessities, gloves, made of latex, plastic, or other materials, are perfect to protect both medical personnel and patients from exposure to pathogens. There are many other disposable items effective for medical professionals including splash gowns, berets, beard covers, aprons, lab coats, shoe and boot covers, scrub suits and sleeve protectors. They provide excellent, effective protection for the wearer while also being relatively low cost and providing even further safety for patients.

In industrial settings, disposable coveralls or shirts and pants provide excellent protection against chemical, fire, electrical, and airborne threats. Along with manufacturing long term protective items, you can find disposable Tyvek suits (by DuPont) and RCR International protective apparel that provides both excellent protection, lower cost, and disposability. There are other excellent companies in addition to well known brand names, like DuPont (using Tyvek material), that offer safety wear of wonderful quality. Whether you are purchasing items for yourself or using employer-supplied safety apparel, be pro-active and learn the differences and buy or at least lobby for the protective gear you like.



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