Reflective Safety Clothing Choices

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What Is Available for Reflective Safety Clothing?

Reflective Safety Clothing Choices

Reflective safety clothing is used in many industries to provide protection from many different hazards and is available in a variety of items. Reflective shirts, vests, jackets, pants, belts, and hats are the most popular. In the world of reflective safety wear, there are basically three classes of high visibility protective clothes:

  • Class I garments are used when the wearer can give full attention to approaching traffic – can be safely used by parking lot attendants, shopping cart retrievers, roadside right of way workers, etc.
  • Class II safety wear is good for higher visibility situations, particularly with safety rain gear – appropriate for school crossing guards, airport baggage handlers, emergency and law enforcement personnel, etc.
  • Class III protective clothes give you the highest level of visibility and for those facing serious hazards – this protective gear is often worn by highway construction workers, gas and electric utility people, emergency response professionals, etc.
High visibility safety apparel can be life saving protective wear for people required to work around moving traffic, construction equipment, vehicular accident sites, and child protection situations. With options to wear protective pants, vests, shirts, jackets, and a variety of belts, arm bands, and hats, high visibility safety apparel is effective and relatively low cost considering the valuable commodity they are protecting.



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