Tips to Maintain a Safe Home

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What Are Some Tips to Maintain a Safe Home?

Tips to Maintain a Safe Home

Maintaining a safe home is one of the most important responsibilities of homeowners and particularly for those who are parents of small children. The most important items to consider:

  • Prevent falls – Proper lighting of stairs and using all safety recommendations and products for children play areas is prominent.
  • Bathroom safety – Use all the safety products available to keep your bathroom, the most “dangerous” room in your home, safe, including bath “grab bars” and wiping any standing water that often occurs.
  • Protect windows – Use cord winders to keep these out of the way and be careful with furniture placed near windows that could provide a dangerous situation for young children.
  • Prevent fires and burns – Store all matches, cardboard, wooden, or electronic, safely, don't leave your kitchen while cooking, carefully light and place candles, maintain a kid free zone of around three feet away from your stove, and have a family fire escape plan that all understand.
  • Poison prevention – Along with keeping the poison control hotline number (800-222-1222) nearby, examine all potential areas of your home that could be a location for items poisonous to humans and safeguard these items or areas.
  • Carbon monoxide and smoke detection – Install carbon monoxide, an odorless, silent killer, and smoke detectors around the home.
  • Install drawer and cabinet locks, electrical outlet caps, and corner edge protection throughout your home if you have small children.
  • Fire extinguisher(s) – Keep one or more active fire extinguishers available to protect your home and family.
  • Perimeter and motion sensor alarm systems – To protect your home while you are away, these can also be used to help prevent intrusion while you are at home, particularly if you spend time in a distant part of your home or on an upper floor during the day.
While there are many home safety products that can help protect your home from danger, the most important factor is always you! Take nothing for granted and remain alert for any potential threats or dangers.



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