OSHA Recommended First Aid Kits

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Does OSHA Recommend or Offer First Aid Kits?

OSHA Recommended First Aid Kits

OSHA recommends First Aid kits from its website. In fact, they mention a variety of specialty kits for different purposes. They offer

  • All purpose kits.
  • Auto kits.
  • Outdoor kits.
  • Home shop safety kits.
  • Sports medicine kits.
  • CPR kits.
  • Disaster and survival kits.
They also offer information about and industrial first aid and safety kits, stations, and cabinets for use in the workplace. If you're not sure what items should be included in an industrial first aid kit, visit the OSHA website and learn what you need to know. Depending on your type of business, you can also get information on how to equip burn kits, blood borne pathogen items, and germicidal solutions to further protect your workers. CPR solutions can be a critical element of your first aid supplies, and OSHA has solid information regarding things you should have on your premises to help employees in need.



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