Industrial Work Gloves – Bargain or Top of the Line?

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What is the difference between more economical and more expensive industrial work gloves?

Industrial Work Gloves – Bargain or Top of the Line?

If you're in the construction industry, agricultural business, or a related field, you need heavy-duty work gloves to provide protection to your hands. Industrial work gloves can provide a safeguard against cuts, abrasions and other potential injuries. Make sure you buy the appropriate industrial work gloves suitable for your needs. Less expensive industrial work gloves often come with a lower grade cowhide and a knitted wrist. These less expensive work gloves are a more economical choice that is durable enough for uses like gardening and light duty work in construction or industrial applications. More expensive industrial work gloves come with a safety cuff to protect your wrists, leather fingertips, and knuckle bands to give you an added layer of safety.



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