OSHA Regulations On Hardhats

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What are the OSHA regulations regarding hard hats?

OSHA Regulations On Hardhats

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) enforces standards to ensure the safety of workers throughout the United States. OSHA has jurisdiction in just about every sector of the working group of American citizens from construction workers to office workers. OSHA maintains several guidelines in regards to the use of hardhats.

• Any area where there is a hazard of falling objects that may injure a person's head is an area where employers should require that employees wear protective headgear, such as hardhats.

• In areas where electrical hazards are present, the hardhats should reduce the hazard of electrical shock.

• Any hardhats purchased after July 5, 1994 need to comply with American National Standard for Personnel Protection-Protective Headwear for Industrial Workers-Requirements or should be equally effective at providing head protection.



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