Proper Removal Of Laboratory Disposable Work Gloves

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What do I do with my disposable glove after removing it?

Proper Removal Of Laboratory Disposable Work Gloves

Depending on the area you, and the type of safety work gloves utilized, removing them the correct way is essential. To remove your disposable gloves:

Use one gloved hand to start pulling away the glove on the other hand, by holding a “pinched” section of the glove. It is very important the outside of the glove does not touch your skin.

Using this pinched section or fold in the glove, pull the glove upwards and away from your fingers.

Continue to hold the first removed glove in the gloved hand.

The glove from the other hand can be removed by placing either your thumb or forefinger between the glove and the skin at your wrist.

Use your finger to pull the glove upwards over the fingers while turning the glove “inside out,” and wrapping it around the first glove.

From this point, it is just a matter of disposing the gloves into the proper container.



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