Features Of Work Gloves

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Why should I not by a glove with rolled cuffs?

Features Of Work Gloves

There are numerous features, or additional characteristics, to consider when purchasing new industrial work gloves. One of the first items to consider on your work gloves is the cuff design. A glove with rolled cuffs will only be used in certain areas and might not protect the skin, whereas gloves with knitted or safety cuffs will protect the wrists from various types of hazards.

Grip design is one feature to consider as an additional characteristic of work gloves. The grip design is very essential when working in areas where dexterity is important, and a strong grip can prevent accidents or spills.

Lastly, another characteristic of gloves would be the absence or presence of an inner glove lining. “Lined” gloves are better suited for dealing with thermal hazards.



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