Types Of Hazards To The Hands

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What hazards are available to my hand?

Types Of Hazards To The Hands

Many hazards exists which your hands should be protected from. These hazards might be well known such as a sharp object, or less obvious such as a chemical. The type of hazards industrial work gloves might be subjected to can be grouped together into chemical, mechanical, or thermal hazards.

A mechanical hazard will occur more often in the manufacturing or construction industry. Safety work gloves, for example the Mechanix gloves, will be needed to offer hand protection during lifting, cutting, or handling machinery.

Chemical hazards are a problem regardless of what industry an employee might be working in. Depending on the material of the work glove and the chemical spilled, it is possible to receive the least or maximum amount of protection for your hands. However, chemicals are not only a hazard because they spill or splash, but vapors or fumes from them can irritate unprotected skin.

As the name implies, thermal hazards involve changes in temperature. For example, a welder would need to have safety gloves that can withstand high heat, whereas someone removing items from a freezer would need maximum protection from frostbite and the cold temperature.



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