Industrial Product Research

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What is the role of the r2p Program?

Industrial Product Research

Industrial product research is a field of science, which is continually creating new products or ways to ensure safety within the workplace. Research into products, which can increase the safety of items such as work glasses, full body suits, and eye goggles are being tested throughout North America and Europe.

However, unlike product research for pharmaceuticals, industrial product research is limited to testing new products or improved products under conditions set up within a laboratory.

NIOSH, a division of the CDC is one of the leaders of industrial safety research, and provides funding for anyone interested in conducting occupational safety research. It has established the “Research To Practice (r2p) Program,” to improve the way scientific results are put into practice. Examples of research conducted under the “r2p program,” are new kits to detect mold, and ways to reduce asphalt fumes in road maintenance.



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