Maintenance Of Reusable Hearing Protectors

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What is the first step in caring for my hearing protectors?

Maintenance Of Reusable Hearing Protectors

Depending on the type of reusable hearing protection and/or ear plugs chosen, maintaining it is essential. Regardless of the manufacturer, industrial hearing protectors can be purchased with care and maintenance instructions on the outside of the box.

The first step in caring for your hearing protection would be to inspect them for any signs of torn edges, cracks, or broken pieces. Parts that are torn or broken off should be replaced before using it again.

Ear muffs can be wiped with warm water and mild soap. Be careful to not get the inner layers of the ear muffs wet, or they will not function properly.

Reusable ear plugs can be washed in warm soapy water, and a toothbrush or small brush used to scrub them.

It is important to replace torn or broken areas, and keep your hearing protector as clean as possible, to receive maximum hearing protection.



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