Classes and Types Of Hard Hats

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What is the difference between the ANSI 1997 and 2003 revisions for hard hats?

Classes and Types Of Hard Hats

Based on the revisions to ANSI Z89.1-1997 and ANSI Z89.1-2003, hard hats can be further grouped based on voltage. In the ANSI Z89.1-1997 revision, hard hats are classified according to Classes E, G, and C:

Class E or Electrical – hard hats within this class are able to endure 20,000 volts.

Class G or General – hard hats within this category protect against 2,200 volts.

Class C or Conductive – hard hats which cannot protect against electrical voltage fall into this category.

The classes from 1997 were retained in the 2003 revision, but hard hats were further classified by “Type” in the 2003 revision:

Type I hard hats are used to protect the top of the head only.

Type II hard hats provide ability to protect the sides of the head as well.



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