How Hard Hats Offer Protection

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Am I protected while wearing a hard hat?

How Hard Hats Offer Protection

The standard hard hats that are OSHA compliant offer protection based on the way they are constructed. Almost all hardhats consist of a thermoplastic material such as polyurethane shell, which is lightweight but provides durable protection.

Another way in which a hard hat, such as a NHL hard hat, will offer you protection is through the suspension system it is manufactured with. Most hard hats are either four or six point suspension systems, which absorb the force applied to your head.

A hard hat can also offer protection by being built with shields constructed around the hat to protect you in the event of a chemical splash. These shields guard vulnerable areas such as the eyes and skin.

Lastly, standard hard hats can be customized with extra safety features to protect you. These safety features include items such as neck shields or ear muff attachments.



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