ANSI Classification Of First Aid Kits

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Can first aid kits be classified under ANSI?

ANSI Classification Of First Aid Kits

There are three main types of kits for you to choose from according to the ANSI classification of first aid kits. The standard Type I first aid kits are to be used indoors, in areas where the kit will not be moved, and where there is little threat of it becoming damaged. Examples of where a Type I first aid kit would be found is in an office building.

Type II first aid kits are to be used indoors. However, these kits can be moved, and should follow the ANSI recommendation for carrying handles, as well as pass the “drop test.” The “drop test” ensures if the Type II kit falls or is dropped, the kit will be durable enough to withstand it. Example of an area where Type II first aid kits would be used is in general manufacturing.

Type III first aid kits are portable like Type II kits, and should withstand the “drop test.” However Type III first aid kits are mainly used outside in areas where there is the risk for it to be damaged. As a result, the first aid kit should be made of material that is resistant to weather and temperature changes. Type III first aid kits should be able to be mounted on a wall, if the need arises. An example of where a Type III first aid kit can be found is in the construction industry.



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