Safety Products Frequently Asked Questions

How to protect your eye site while mowing the yard

How to see close up objects on the job

What safety products does the homeowner need?

What types of hard hats are available?

What safety products should a gun owner carry?

What type of gloves should I wear to a cold weather game?

What is a good gift for a fellow worker

Which work gloves are the best?

Can I put a logo on a hard hat?

How do I clean a hard hat?

What's the scoop on safety glasses?

Why can't I use my regular glasses as safety glasses?

Can a soccer ball or volleyball hurt my eye?

What is the most common type of eye injury.

How do I keep my work glasses from fogging up?

What are the standards for safety glasses?

Can safety glasses cut down on glare?

What is a UV ray, and what does it have to do with safety glasses?

How do industrial safety glasses differ from regular glasses?

Is there more than one type of UV ray?

Should I wear safety glasses while driving?

How can I know if industrial glasses are truly safety glasses?

What are the best safety glasses for industrial or shop use?

What are the most common types of on-the-job eye injuries?

How can I make sure my home is secure?

What steps can I take to ensure personal safety?

What kind of home safety supplies are available?

What kind of home safety products do I need to keep my baby safe?

How can I make my home more secure?

How can I improve my company’s safety record?

How can I protect myself at work?

What are the most common construction safety products?

How can I be sure my company's in OSHA compliance?

How can I prevent fall injuries on the job?

What if I don’t want posters all over my workplace walls?

Where’s the best place to display my OSHA posters?

Why an All-on-One Poster?

Where can I display non-OSHA safety posters?

How can I keep my employees focused on safety?

What is an OSHA?

Where can I go for help with OSHA compliance?

What kinds of occupational and safety issues does OSHA address?

How can OSHA help me be in compliance?

Who is NIOSH?

What benefits does an OSHA Training kit offer?

When must my employees wear work gloves on the job?

How many kinds of work gloves are there?

How do I know which work glove to use?

What’s the best type of work glove for handling hazardous chemicals?

I have a latex allergy. What type of work glove can I use instead?

When should I wear leather work gloves?

What kind of work gloves do I use when using a drain cleaner?

What kinds of household activities require gloves?

What kinds of gloves are best for gardening?

What are waterproof gloves?

What are the different styles of work gloves?

How important are hard hats?

Are hard hats adjustable?

How do I clean my hard hat?

When do I replace a hard hat?

Do hard hats come indifferent styles?

What should I look for in head protection?

Is there more than one level of head protection?

How do I know a hard hat meets government standards?

What's a CPC?

What’s a PPE?

How are chemical suits tested?

How does ASTM determine breakthrough time?

Who needs to wear protective suits?

Where can I get data on chemical?

How can I tell which protective suit is appropriate for a particular hazard?

What’s the first step in selecting protective equipment for my workers?

Why are seams so important in protective suits?

How important is chemical suit design?

What are some other factors in choosing a chemical suit?

What are shoe covers?

Who uses shoe covers?

How do I keep from soiling my customer’s carpeting?

Is it tacky to hand out shoe covers to house guests?

What's a respirator?

Which respiratory device is best?

Are respirators required for home use?

What are the different classes of respirators?

What are some other terms for a respirator?

How does a supplied air respirator work?

What do respirators protect against?

How important is a first aid kit?

Pet first-aid kits are the cat’s meow

What goes into an industrial first-aid kit?

What does the typical home first-aid kit contain?

How can I prepare my workplace for a major emergency?

What's the story on back support belts?

What's OSHA say about back support belts?

How common are lower back injuries?

How can I prevent back injuries?

What’s the best way to protect my back when lifting?

What are the benefits of a back belt or brace?

What is the proper way to wear a back support belt?

Can back belts and braces cure back pain?

Can loud music really damage your hearing?

When should I wear ear protection?

How do ear plugs help protect hearing?

What’s the story on ear muff type hearing protection?

What is a decibel?

How do I know if I have done damage to my ears?

How can sound hurt my hearing?

How common is noise-related hearing loss?

What OSHA regulations are available for safety kits?

How are ANSI standards different from the OSHA rgulations?

Can first aid kits be classified under ANSI?

Do you have any advice on compiling a first aid kit?

How do I maintain a first aid kit?

Why are first aid kits important?

Is it expensive to buy first aid kits in bulk?

Are Discount First Aid Kits Available?

Should I stock up on first aid kit supplies?

How Do I Store First Aid Kits?

What is one of the most important factors in choosing a hard hat?

Are hard hats very expensive?

Am I protected while wearing a hard hat?

What areas do a hard hat protect?

Are hard hats covered by OSHA regulations

What was the purpose of the ANSI 2003 revision on hard hats?

What is the difference between the ANSI 1997 and 2003 revisions for hard hats?

Where was the first hard hat used?

Who designed the first hard hat?

Should I consider training my staff on how to wear a hard hat?

What has caused my hearing loss?

What is the difference between permanent and temporary hearing loss?

Why should I constantly wear hearing protectors?

How do expandable ear plugs function?

What steps should be taken when exposed to noise?

What am I expected to do as an employer with areas of noise 85 decibels or more?

Does loud noise only affect your hearing?

What precautions should I take before inserting ear plugs?

Can you explain what noise reduction ratings are?

What is the first step in caring for my hearing protectors?

What should I do if I think an industrial safety product is defective?

How do I know the products bought online are OSHA compliant?

Am I required to put up safety signs?

Who can conduct safety product education?

What is ThomasNet?

What Is The Role Of The CPSC?

How do safety sensors work?

How do safety switches function?

Are there any environmentally friendly manufacturers?

What is the role of the r2p Program?

Is OSHA training available?

How Do I Inform My Employees Of OSHA Policies?

How do I achieve OSHA regulation compliance?

What is an OSHA regulation violation?

Tell me more about the Whistleblower program?

How Can I File An OSHA Complaint?

Why Is Record Keeping Important?

How Can OSHA QuickCards Help?

Interested In Being Recognized For Safety Regulation Compliance?

Why keep updated on OSHA regulations?

Should I wear safety glasses at home?

What Do Safety Glasses Protect Against?

What is ANSI Z89.1-1989?

What type of lens exists for safety glasses?

What levels of protection are available?

When should I consult a doctor?

How do I choose the right pair of glasses?

What is eye strain?

What is a clear tint used for?

What are the most common eye injuries?

What are examples of protective equipment?

Is there a purpose to the OSHA regulations?

Can you give example of when to wear personal protective equipment?

How do I ensure a safe environment?

What methods are there for protective equipment training?

What is one way of maintaining protective equipment?

Tell me more about OSHA 3077?

What is the one thing I should remember to do?

Why is communication needed when designing a protective equipment program?

Who administers the CDC's Personal Protective Equipment Program?

Can protective clothing help against bio agents?

What is one reason for noncompliance?

I feel hot wearing protective clothing. Is this Heat Stress?

Should I look for any particular type of protective clothing?

Is there a purpose for workplace safety assessments?

Can I buy protective clothing online?

How do I increase the effectiveness of protective clothing?

Do disadvantages exist about protective clothing?

What is Contact Dermatitis?

Is there any future research on protective clothing?

What is "Safety First?"

What causes eye injuries?

How does a head injury happen?

How can I prevent hearing loss?

Why should I setup an industrial injury prevention program?

What is the "LOTO" method?

Where can I develop a repetitive strain injury?

I am working on a bridge. What should I do to reduce injury?

Do work-related injuries cost a lot of money?

Where do the most workplace injuries occur?

What hazards are available to my hand?

Why should I not by a glove with rolled cuffs?

Why is a hand protection program necessary?

What do I do with my disposable glove after removing it?

Should I measure my wrists as well?

What are signs my work gloves need to be replaced?

How do I eliminate hazards to my hand?

What are common hand injuries?

What is the ISEA?

What different types of ear plugs are available?

What kinds of ear muffs are available for protecting ears from noise?

What types of construction hard hats are there?

Where can I get custom hard hats made?

What are the OSHA regulations regarding hard hats?

What types of hard hats does MSA carry?

Can you get hard hats with NFL logos on them?

What is photo realistic signage?

What types of safety supplies are available for emergencies?

What Mechanix wear products are available to me?

Is there personal protective equipment to protect me from the outdoor elements?

How cost effective are disposable coveralls?

What garment is economical and appropriate for chemical protection?

What are some options for back support?

What types of situations are Tyvek suits appropriate for?

What features does a 3 M respirator have?

Are there instances where dust masks won’t provide adequate protection from dust particles?

Is there a solution to wearing bifocal glasses with safety glasses?

Where can I find professional grade safety glasses?

Which safety eyewear equipment works better for welding versus machinery operation?

What does OSHA have to say about safety glasses?

What is unique about the Genesis Uvex Safety Glasses?

What are latex disposable gloves suitable for?

What is the difference between more economical and more expensive industrial work gloves?

What different styles of leather work gloves are available to me?

Are Mechanix gloves just for race car pit crews?

What types of vests do flaggers have to wear?

What types of reflective safety vests are available?

What is the difference between class 2 and class 3 traffic safety vests?

What types of shoe covers do I have to choose from?

Who Is Required to Wear A Hard Hat?

Does OSHA or ANSI Recommend Types of Hard Hats?

Where Did Hard Hats Come From?

Is There More Than One Type of Hard Hat?

Are There “Designer” Hard Hats?

What Should I Have in a Basic First Aid Kit for the Home and Family?

Does OSHA Recommend or Offer First Aid Kits?

What Items Should Be Included in a CPR First Aid Kit?

What Is an ANSI Standard First Aid Kit?

How Can I Be Sure I Have OSHA-Compliant First Aid Supplies on Hand?

What Are the General Types of Hearing Protection?

What Is Considered Good Job Site Ear Protection?

How Effective Are Custom Solutions for Hearing Protection?

Can I Find Hearing Protection That Also Provides Music or Communications Ability While I Work?

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