Maximize with muffs

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What’s the story on ear muff type hearing protection?

Maximize with muffs

As the name suggests, earmuff ear protection looks a little like the ear muffs we never wanted to wear as kids. Except that these ear muffs are for fighting decibels instead of frostbite. Unlike the hearing protection that fits in the ear canal, the ear muff fits over the entire outer ear and forms an air seal, which blocks the entire circumference of the ear canal. The ear muff is held in place by an adjustable band. One note of interest: Earmuffs will not seal completely around eyeglasses or long hair. Apparently near-sighted, long-haired types will just have to hold their hands over their ears and hope for the best (Ha Ha). Here's another factoid: Using earplugs and muffs together will give the wearer from 10 to 15dB more protection than either used alone. When should you use both muffs and plugs? When noise exceeds 105 dB. How loud is that? See the next article.



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