Put a plug in it!

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How do ear plugs help protect hearing?

Put a plug in it!

Ear plugs conform to Mom's safety rule #16: Never put anything sharper than your elbow in your ear. That's what makes ear plugs so great. When used properly, they block out what you shouldn't hear, or don't want to hear. Earplugs are small inserts that fit into that hole in your ear. To work properly, they have to be be fit snugly. You'll know if they aren't in right, because they will most likely fall out. Be sure to use clean, fresh earplugs. Dirty or worn-out plugs may not seal and could irritate the ear canal. You'll find disposable plugs come in various shapes and sizes to fit individual ear canals and can be custom made. If you have trouble keeping ear plugs in your ears, they can be fitted to a headband. A note of caution: some foam ear plugs look like mini-marshmallows, so be careful what you put in your mouth.



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