If it feels good, wear it.

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What’s the best way to protect my back when lifting?

If it feels good, wear it.

With or without back support, the best way to keep from straining your sacro-iliac is to learn proper lifting technique. Experts recommended the following steps for lifting loads of more than 25 pounds. Practice proper footwork. Position your feet properly. Place one foot next to the load and your other foot right behind it.Bend your knees. Squat down, keeping you head erect and your back straight Get a grip. Grip the load using your full palm. Fingers alone are too weak. Get close. Bring the load close to your body and keep your elbows and arms near you. Stay balanced. Center your body weight over your feet, then start lifting with a thrust of your legs. If you must turn, don't twist your body. Point your foot in the direction you're turning. Also, if the item is too heavy or bulky, don't be a hero, get help. Your body will thank you.



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