Equip yourself for life's little emergencies

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How can I prepare my workplace for a major emergency?

Equip yourself for life's little emergencies

When it comes to emergency preparedness, an industrial strength first aid kit is obviously a good start. More important, however, is having a preparedness program in place that will minimize the damage should disaster strike. According to most experts, here are a few basic steps to establish an effective first aid program.
Keep a fully stocked emergency first aid kit on hand, and keep it supplied. Check the kit periodically and resupply as needed. Also, make sure everybody knows where it is.

*Put up first-aid posters
*Train employees in first aid
*Display emergency contact information where everybody can see it.
*Prepare a written emergency plan and make sure everybody knows it.
*Assign someone to be in charge of your emergency preparedness

The bottom line is, plan ahead, plan intelligently, and your workplace will be able to handle any emergency.



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