Hat check time

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When do I replace a hard hat?

Hat check time

What with work, weather, and every day use, a hard hat can get old before its time. You'll know when it is time to get a new hard hat when:

• Cracks appear in the shell.
• Shiny surface appears dull or chalky.
• Shell becomes brittle.

While you're at it, check your suspension. You'll know when you need a fresh one if:

• The suspensions become brittle
• One or more of the mounts break off
• The suspension will no longer hold securely to the head
• The cradling straps break or become worn

It is generally a good idea to inspect your hard hat before and after each use. Although there is no set service life for hard hats, manufacturers recommend replacement after no more than 5 years.



6/16/2011 5:32:33 PM
Jean Morel said:

I am pleased to read that the hats are good for at least 5 years but I was told that North claims that hats need only be replaced if they are compromised in any way.

Please clarify


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