The work glove world according to OSHA

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How many kinds of work gloves are there?

The work glove world according to OSHA

Back in the day, a “glove was a glove was a glove.” You didn't have a lot of choice. You either wore what was available or you went without. Today, with greater emphasis on safety, gloves come to work in a dazzling array of styles and materials: Leather, Latex, Nitrile, Kevlar, Spectra, Cotton, String Knit, Canvas, Jersey, Plastic Dot, Hot Mill, High Heat, Zetex, Welding, Winter, Cotts, Chemical, Stainless Steel, PVC, Rubber, Butyl, Viton, neoprene and more. The type of work glove you choose will depend on what kind of trouble your hands could get into on the job. Before you start a job, check out an industrial outfitter like Mechanix on the net to determine which gloves will work best for you.



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