Safety products for gun owners

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What safety products should a gun owner carry?

Safety products for gun owners

Safety products for the gun owner

If you are a current gun owner, hunter, or general outdoorsman, there are several safety products that you need to consider. Don't forget your hearing protection, eye safety products, and your safety vests for the buddy who might get a little excited on the big hunt.

Each time you fire your weapon without hearing protection you are reducing hearing by a small percentage. Safety companies offer safety glasses, ear plugs, ear muffs and other products like safety vests. You can purchase a box of over 100 pairs of earplugs for about $25.00. It's a small price to pay for your long term hearing.

Eye protection is another important safety product for the gun owner. Today's safety glasses offer comfort, style and do not reduce visibility. Most of the current safety glasses go for under $10.00 each. Be ready for the next time a shell kicks back.

One last item to keep that you might need to remember. It wouldn't hurt to have a safety vest handy. When you are bird hunting, it can get really easy to drop and shoot at a bird without realizing what is in the background. If you have buddies like mine, It wouldn't hurt to be a little more visible. While they might not be able to hit the side of a barn, it sure seems funny how they can pepper you from a hundred yards or so.



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