Industrial First-Aid Kits Are Unique

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What do I need to know about industrial first aid kits?

Industrial First-Aid Kits Are Unique

T.A.S.C.O. Tip: Those in charge of providing safe workplaces can't just go to the store and purchase any first aid kit. Industrial first aid kits are uniquely different. They contain more and different supplies, and the specific features of them are based on the number of employees in a given workplace, as well as specific injuries that could occur there.

Minimal contents for industrial first aid kits are described in the ANSI standard Z308.1-1978. However, keep in mind that these and other OSHA standards that might apply to industrial first aid supplies can change or be updated on a regular basis. Additionally, specific ongoing industrial first aid training may be required for certain workplaces, and the number of first aid kits and their location is unique in each industrial settings.

Even a facilities manager versed in industrial first aid training may want to consider help from a local fire department and medical personnel when designing, augmenting and maintaining an industrial first aid kit. Many workplace-safety product suppliers offer industrial first aid kits online that may meet current standards. Additionally, the American Red Cross sells kits that meet or exceed U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration requirements. In fact, it may not be prudent to buy such a kit if it is not advertised to meet current industrial standards.



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