Consider industrial-strength gloves for the home

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How can I find better quality home work gloves?

Consider industrial-strength gloves for the home

T.A.S.C.O. Tip: Home work gloves have come of age! Have you gotten tired of pine needles poking through your home work gloves, or those that don't protect you against colder weather? What about bulky work gloves or those that soak through in wet conditions?

Home work gloves, designed for gardening, garage tasks and other outdoor chores now feature new materials often found in industrial strength gloves. One example is nitrile gloves, considered by some as a great replacement for rubber, vinyl and neoprene. These gloves can protect against acids, oils, solvents, grease and animal fats. In addition, they work for those who may be allergic to typical latex gloves.

Many industrial strength work gloves are appropriate for home use. Winter work gloves with Thinsulate linings are great for keeping the digits warm during outdoor winter work. Also, Mechanix gloves are among the best gloves on the market. These gloves may cost more, but will withstand the test of time. Mechanix gloves feature synthetic leather palm and ring fingers, repelling more water and oil to preserve the life of the glove, hook and loop cuff closures, Spandex tops designed for a better fit, and EVA foam and elastic cuffs for mobility. All these gloves can be purchased through the Texas American Texas America Safety Company.



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