Finding Quality Industrial Ear Plugs

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How have industrial ear plugs been improved in recent years?

Finding Quality Industrial Ear Plugs

T.A.S.C.O. Tip: Technology has enhanced most workplace safety products, and industrial ear plugs are no exception. The features and materials now used for these hearing protection devices include steel wire construction, patented air-flow control, dielectric design features and attenuation across all frequencies without the need to increase ear muff size or weight.

Many employees would wear ear-muff devices more often if they had options for fitting. Companies like Bilsom now offer multiple-position headbands that can be worn on top or in back of the head, as well as under the chin. In addition, Bilsom's patented technology allows for potentially dangerous noise blockage while voice and signal frequencies can still be heard clearly.

When you look for ear muff devices for use in industrial settings, watch for those that allow easy snap-in cushions for more economical replacement. When it comes to ear plugs, watch for those that have the highest NRR rating possible as it's currently the highest rating in the U.S.



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