OSHA Rules Regarding Workplace Hard Hats

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Is there such a thing as a pink hard hat?

OSHA Rules Regarding Workplace Hard Hats

T.A.S.C.O. Tip: Can workers wear western-style hard hats and comply with OHSA head protection standards? Can an employee wear a cold-weather cap under a hard hat? When should a 'skullgard' cap be used in the workplace? Does anyone sell a pink hard hat? As you might imagine, OSHA guidelines on hard hats are vast and detailed. Since they change frequently, as an employer, you should stay on top of newer requirements and provide all your employees with hard hats that comply in various job situations. For example, hard hats worn by employees who might be exposed to electrical hazards must meet additional requirements than those that protect only against falling debris. Believe it or not, western hard hats can be used to protect against flying objects, but only if they meet impact testing requirements of ANSI Z89.1-1986. Those employees who might be subject to burn hazards may or may not be able to wear such a hat.

It's likely a more traditional hard hat would be a better choice in an OSHA audit, but OSHA does not endorse individual products. In the case of cold weather, employees who must wear hard hats can wear liners underneath them for staying warm. Keep in mind that OSHA standards insist that nothing can detract from a hard hat's protective properties.



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