Fall Protection Harness Classification

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What features are now offered in fall protection equipment?

Fall Protection Harness Classification

T.A.S.C.O. Tip: If you need to buy fall protection harnesses or other workplace safety products for your employees, you likely don't have time to search long. Companies like TASCO offer classifications for each product they sell allowing you to make fast choices when ordering safety products. USA Industry Classifications include Fall Arrest (FA), Fall Prevention (FP) and Positioning (PO). CSA Classifications include Group A (Full Arresting) and Group P (Worker Positioning).

Studies on ergonomics have become more critical in recent years as workplace-safety product designers learn about comfort in an effort to prevent fatigue, reduce injuries and increase production. Some quality features in a fall protection harness include removable tool belts, padded backpads, strong and light-weight materials, shoulder pads , strap adjusters, three D-rings for back and hips, sliding back D-rings, indoor pads, seat straps, aluminum bars on seat straps, and carry-all bags.

As a safety manager, you know that compliance is the key to preventing injury, and comfort and ease-of-use are the key to compliance.



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