Certified Safety Professionals Help With OSHA Compliance

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How can a Certified Safety Professional help me stay on top of OSHA standards?

Certified Safety Professionals Help With OSHA Compliance

T.A.S.C.O. Tip: Do you know every single OSHA rule and regulation when it comes to your employees wearing eye protection goggles? Are you aware of who can wear which type of goggle in any specific job situation? What changes have been made recently with respect to eye protection goggles in the workplace? Keeping up with OSHA compliance can be a full time job.

OSHA essentially requires three things from employers: to furnish a workplace free of hazards, compliance with OSHA standards on a daily basis and those with 11 or more employees must keep a detailed log and supplemental records when an accident or injury has occurred on the job. However, do you know if your record log is sufficient in the event of an OSHA audit or site visit? Instead of trying to keep track of the changes and additions to OSHA law themselves, some employers chose to hire a Certified Safety Professional to help ensure they are in full compliance with the vast number of individual regulations set forth by OSHA.

The Board of Certified Safety Professionals, located in Savoy, Illinois, offers testing for a Certified Safety Professional (CSP). This person becomes engaged in the prevention of accidents and events that can cause harm to employees in the workplace. They are trained to utilize both qualitative and quantitative analysis of products, systems, operations and procedures to identify hazards before they cause problems. They are also qualified to write safety plans, conduct safety training and make recommendations features and systems.



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