Proper Fitting of a 3M Respirator is Critical

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How do I know if a 3M respirator fits properly?

Proper Fitting of a 3M Respirator is Critical

T.A.S.C.O. Tip: An employer can buy the most advanced 3M respirator on the market but, if it does not fit properly, its protection features are wasted. Some products are designed to test the fit of respirators. Some of these fit products work by utilizing a bitter taste that indicates that a respirator has a leak or break. Others use banana oil (ISO Amyl Acetate) ampoules to test the reliability of respirators.

It's critical to point out that even though workplace respirators on the market meet established federal guidelines and state laws where applicable, it is the employer's responsibility to ensure respirators are properly selected and properly fitted. These decisions are based on the type of contaminants found in a given workplace as well as the concentration level present while employees carry out their jobs. Other site-specific conditions might also require consideration, and you can learn more about those at both OSHA's and the CDC's respective websites.

As a facility manager, you are also required to read all warnings and use instructions that accompany respirators products. It's best to purchase all workplace safety products from a reputable company that offers customer service support regarding the use of 3M respirator products and other similar safety items.



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