Monitoring Employee Exposure to Particulate Matter

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Why is particulate matter protection so important in the workplace?

Monitoring Employee Exposure to Particulate Matter

T.A.S.C.O. Tip: Some air pollution created in the workplace, especially by manufacturing facilities, is made up of particulate matter. Some sources of particulate pollution are dust and chemicals. Small pieces of particulate matter are considered the most hazardous type of pollution exposure. When larger particulates are inhaled, the lungs can often remove them by coughing. Small particulates can stay in the lungs causing numerous long-term health problems including asthma, emphysema and allergies.

Because there are a variety of exposure dangers in workplaces, companies must purchase a specific type of respirator depending on the job at hand and length of exposure to pollutants. However, getting employees to comply with constantly wearing masks at work is likely to be easier if those masks are more comfortable.

Newer designs, offered by Texas America Safety Company (TASCO) have comfort features built in. Some 3M respirators have patented filter media with advanced electrostatic-charged microfibers making breathing cooler while still protecting against small particulate matter. They also feature adjustable noseclips that reduce the fogging of eyewear. Additionally, the most advanced 3M respirators offered by TASCO feature new braided headbands with staple-free attachments so they are less bothersome to wear.



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