Designer Safety Glasses Are all the Rage

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What are designer safety glasses?

Designer Safety Glasses Are all the Rage

T.A.S.C.O. Tip: Remember the dreaded safety goggles everyone had to wear in shop class? They were bulky and they were ugly. Those days have given way to the age of designer safety glasses.

It's true that employees — especially those in potentially dangerous jobs — shouldn't be worried about how they look. Nevertheless, happy employees are typically productive employees. So now, companies can buy safety glasses named Storm, Boas and Winchester. They can find numerous frame colors appealing to both men and women. Some frames are even two colors or have a camouflage design. Some frames are frosted in blue, black and gray. Instead of added geeky-looking side shields, many safety glasses have them built in. Wrap around lenses are quite popular on many websites and these designer safety glasses still meet ANSI standards for safety in certain workplaces. Lenses now come in a variety of tints, even multiple tones and iridescent looks.

Designer safety glasses are also more comfortable than ever. Many are made of lightweight polycarbonate and other high-tech materials. Lenses are scratch resistant. Frames come with gel-padded noses, non-slip rubber head grips, temple sleeves and temples made of metal alloys.

However, be careful buying such designer safety eye wear. Pay attention to specifics, a product's unique characteristics and any limitations it may have. For example, tinted lenses are not just to look good but varying colors work best in various light conditions and not in others. Stick to tried-and-true companies who are introducing designer safety glasses rather than any unknown vendors you find through a simple online search. Finally, if you have any questions about designer safety glasses, contact your company's certified safety professionals, ANSI, or OSHA.



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