Dewalt Safety Glasses a Popular Choice

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What is an example of a quality industrial safety company?

Dewalt Safety Glasses a Popular Choice

T.A.S.C.O. Tip: There is a variety of safety eye wear manufacturers, and some are more innovative than others. One company known for its continual improvement in eye safety products is Dewalt. There products are available from the Texas America Safety Company.

One example of the quality safety glasses offered by Dewalt is its comprehensive line of anti-fog safety glasses. Foggy glasses aren't only a frustration on the job, they are also a hazard. Dewalt offers anti-fog safety eyewear with bifocal lenses, as well as glasses for both indoor and outside use.

A quality producer of safety eye wear will offer you specific features and uses for each product, especially since the types and offerings of such products have grown significantly in recent years. For example, Dewalt's amber anti-fog lenses are best for enhancing contrast and light in low-light applications, but are not recommended for night driving or bright light situations. Its vermillion lenses enhance detail and depth perception in low to medium light conditions, which improves sighting of red or leveling beams. Dewalt's gray anti-fog glasses protect against glare without distorting color perception.

Always work with a company that offers dos and don'ts with its descriptions of industrial safety products and has a responsive customer service team who can answer your questions.



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