Technology Enhances Workplace Safety Glasses

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How has technology improved industrial safety glasses?

Technology Enhances Workplace Safety Glasses

T.A.S.C.O. Tip: Those who wear glasses or contacts know that high-tech options for correcting vision get better and better. However, did you know that industrial safety glasses have been enhanced by advanced technology as well? For example, Texas America Safety Company offers its AO Safety Metaliks Smart Lens Photochromic Safety Glasses, which can adjust to changing light conditions.

It takes only about 35 seconds for these glasses to change from dark to clear, and only about eight seconds to go from clear to dark. Employees who work both indoors and outside can eliminate the hassle of changing safety glasses countless times a day. These products also offer an adjustable nose piece and a nylon brow.

Before you order any type of safety goggles, check any OSHA rules and ANSI standards that might apply. For example, these “smart” safety glasses meet the ANSI Z80.3 Traffic Signal Recognition Requirement. Another example includes polarized safety glasses, which offer protection from reflective glare. If you order such a product, ensure it also protects against harmful UV sun rays. Finally, due to newer materials, safety glasses now weigh less than ever before.



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